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Our Growth in Online Radio Streaming and Ad Delivery

According to Alexa Traffic Rankings, Securenet Systems has been the fastest-growing radio streaming provider in the world for the last 2 years. Our growth has continually mirrored the growth of online streaming in general, making us the #1 favorite of terrestrial and internet radio stations around the world! Thanks to all of our clients far…
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Online Advertising, Geo-targeting and Ad Revenue

The latest report from BIA/Kelsey 'Revises Radio Industry Revenue' shows their estimates for 2012, expecting increases of 3.5% for Over-the-Air and 15.1% for Online in 2012. According to S&P Equity Research, overall online ad revenue will increase by about 10% this year, that should push ad revenue to just over $28 billion in 2011. So…
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Embeddable Widgets Create Listener Loyalty

Check out our latest listener-interactive feature, the "Search Wizard". There is a newly labeled button in your Control Panel labeled "Embeddable Widgets" as shown below (formerly Site Playlist Embedding). When you click on the button, you will get a secondary page with links to the Song Wizard playlist widget and the new Search Wizard widget.  …
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A Couple of Developments Affecting Your Market

Growth of Smartphone Usage It is projected that smartphone users will exceed 53% of the market by the end of this year. If you have seen the latest statistics, iPhone and Android account for 76% of all smartphones in the market today. If you haven't already taken advantage of streaming mobile apps for iPhone and Android,…
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Say Hello to Our New Partner!

We would like to introduce our latest strategic technology partner, Orban. Securenet Systems is a fully authorized reseller of Orban Optimod and Opticode PC stream encoding products. Orban is a name synonymous with high-quality AM/FM and studio encoding gear, and Securenet Systems is proud to be associated with such a stellar product line. The Optimod…
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The Playlist Wizard Works Across All Platforms

If you want to fully cater to your listeners, then you need to utilize the embedded playlist song wizard. It's simple to use and easy to integrate, and best of all, it's available to ALL streaming accounts. One of your listeners hears a song 5 minutes ago and they're dying to know the name; are…
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Are You Using Our Latest Technology?

If you are not using our latest version player system, you are missing out on a lot of new features like these that are designed to maximize your exposure and monetize your traffic. Free Mobile Apps For All Your Stations   Earn Instant Revenue With Our Ad Delivery Network Use Our Playlist Widget Across All…
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Have You Upgraded To Our Latest Version 4 Player System?

If you aren't streaming with Securenet with the latest version player, you are missing out on a lot of benefits. The new system incorporates a lot of new and improved listener-interactive and social media features.     Many of the new features are advertising-centric, created by our knowledgeable development team to aid and assist you in monetizing your…
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Did you know that you can do all these things with our system?

Did you know that Securenet Systems provides so many radio streaming features to make your life easier? Our Song Wizard is one of the more useful and utilized features. Our Song Wizard allows you to embed your playlist in your website, complete with album art, artist info, time of play, as well as links to…
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What Are the Latest Online Listener Habits?

New research shows that the online listening market is still growing at measurable rates. According to our latest numbers, more and more traditional AM/FM listeners are shifting their listening habits to take advantage of the ability to listen online at work and on the go, via the huge proliferation of smartphones and mobile player apps.…
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Why Use an Ad Network Like Securenet’s?

Securenet Systems' Ad Delivery Network automatically delivers advertising to your players and mobile apps from a vast network of national and international advertisers and mobile content providers. We take over your player ad display ability, add you to our inventory, and video, audio and rich-media banner ads are automatically delivered to your listeners.   Our…
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New Features and Desktop Housekeeping

Royalty-Paid Music for Your Site Hey, did you know that you can now add royalty-paid music streams to your site as additional streams and automatically monetize them with our Ad Delivery Network?     The Soundify.Us system can be utilized by terrestrial and internet broadcasters to add one or more of our royalty-paid channels to your…
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Some Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Streaming Account

Are you using a customized skin? Why not? It's simple and easy to do. Just go to your Control Panel, click on "Skins" and follow the simple instructions and you can easily customize your player background. When uploading a skin, keep in mind that the skin will resize itself, depending on whether or not you…
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10 Things to Enhance and Monetize Your Stream

1 - Make sure that you are streaming in the latest formats that are acceptable to virtually all desktops and mobile devices. The latest compression format is AAC+ (Ver 2), and is twice the quality of MP3, at the same encoding bit rate.   2 - Have your streaming link in prominent view at the…
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There’s now enough IP numbers for the entire galaxy!

The proliferation of radio streaming to cars, devices, desktops and mobile phones has certainly added to the overwhelming global demand for IP numbers. That and the huge growth of mobile streaming apps, ad delivery networks, hosting platforms and social media sites and blogs, have helped to use up all the IPv4 numbers at a far…
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The Latest on Automotive-Based Internet Radio

As the world of online radio streaming continues to grow, more and more broadcasters are keeping a keen eye on the shift to other means and methods of listening to their traditional AM/FM programming. I have recently written about the fact that most traditional terrestrial listeners are still listening, just at different times of day,…
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Our Ad Network Means Higher Payouts

You can make money right now from our Ad Delivery Network by simply opting-in when you sign up with our radio streaming plans. You can run your own ads if you'd like, and fill in the rest of your ROS with our ads. Our leverage in the impression-based media market allows you to get more…
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The Latest Streaming Radio Technology for Your Car

With the latest and greatest gadgets, you can easily transform your car radio into an internet radio. So many cars are latching onto the idea of streaming radio devices. Ford, BMW, and other major car manufacturers are making cars that have internet streaming already integrated to the radio consoles. And for older cars, or cars…
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Don’t Leave Your Stream in the Dark

The latest mobile stats are in from Q2, and it looks like Android is gaining against iPhone and the others. Nielsen’s latest report shows the market shares for the major players, with Android now at 39%, and the iPhone at 28%. However, Apple owns the hardware market on that front with the iPhone, iTouch, and…
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Generating Streaming Revenue For Your Stations

Well, the first thing you have to do, is be streaming right? That’s like the first step to winning the lotto….you have to be in it to win it! So now you are streaming and your broadcast is spinning out over the web and listeners can hear you online. But, are you streaming in AAC+?…
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