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Embrace Social Media and Blogging to Create an Advantage

The latest studies and research show that stations that use blogging and social media to supplement their online presence, gain more in listener loyalty than stations that do not. The use of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be very creatively used by any radio station today to not only instill listener…
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Online Visitors and Listeners Embrace Ads

As more and more stations and broadcasters are beginning to realize, online listeners and visitors are not only used to seeing ads, but are in full acceptance of ads. According to Forbes Magazine, Amazon recently conducted their own survey of Kindle customers and came up with some not-so-surprising facts. Facts that are, indeed, of great…
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Today’s Hottest Wi-Fi Radio Devices

Why pay a monthly fee for music when you can listen to thousands of internet radio stations for free? There are lots of Wi-Fi desktop radios that you can place virtually anywhere and listen to internet radio stations from all around the world, any genre you want at any time of the day. If you…
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The Realities of Mobile Data Network Demands

As many of our readers know, we have been addressing the fantastic growth of mobile apps and in-car streaming over the last several weeks. What we haven’t addressed however, is the tremendous need in the growth of infrastructure in order to support this growth factor. If you have seen or heard AT&T ads lately, you…
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