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In-Car Streaming Radio Becoming the New Trend!

The recent trade shows are evidence of the explosion of in-dash internet radio systems. Almost every major car manufacturer now makes them available, as well as a host of third-party providers. We recently did a review of the latest dashboard systems for you, and here is an overview. Let’s take a look. Ford - The…
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SAM Radio Automation Software

A perfect studio automation program for the small internet broadcaster is SAM Broadcaster by Spacial Audio. Developed specifically for Internet radio stations, this powerful radio automation software has a quality streaming encoder, a large media library...and an unbeatable low cost! It is by far the most reliable and superior program available, features and costs compared.…
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Stations: Get Your Streaming Apps Ready

The number of mobile broadband subscriptions will reach 1 billion before the end of 2011, boosted by faster networks and the growing popularity of smartphones, telecom vendor Ericsson said on Monday. In 2010, another important milestone was reached as the number of subscriptions surpassed 500 million mark globally. But that number will double before the…
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Evolving Relationship: Radio & Hispanic Listener Base

Arbitron’s latest report, “Hispanic Radio Today 2009: How America Listens to Radio,” provides valuable insight on the evolving relationship between radio and its diverse Hispanic listener base. Here are some key excerpts: Radio’s Reach Among Hispanics Remains Overwhelmingly Strong… Even with numerous media alternatives through which consumers can entertain and inform themselves, radio’s overall reach…
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