What Are the Latest Online Listener Habits?

New research shows that the online listening market is still growing at measurable rates. According to our latest numbers, more and more traditional AM/FM listeners are shifting their listening habits to take advantage of the ability to listen online at work and on the go, via the huge proliferation of smartphones and mobile player apps. In addition to the shift in listening times, listeners have also shown a high interest in social media tie-ins, leaning on the immense popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter, which more and more radio broadcasters are embracing. 
Average listener time is also higher than traditional 'in car' listening times, since today's listener spends more time at their desk, or with their phone, than they spend in their car. Our listeners tend to like streams that are easy to find, easy to use, and can be either embedded or bookmarked. The highest dwell-time listener vehicle is the desktop player, with talk format listener times running longer than music.
Another trend we are seeing is the expectance and the acceptance of advertising by the average listener. Any successful web property today is monetized by advertising. Whether it is a video pre-roll, like you see on most news pages and sites like Hulu and YouTube, or rich-media banner ads, advertising is an integral part of online success. Listeners have come to expect ads and for the most part, are not turned off, or turned away by them.
Some latest traditional online user facts;
•     78% of adults are now using the internet on a daily basis 
•     92% use multiple means to get their daily news 
•     55% of users state that it is now easier to get news than it was 5 years ago 
•     65% of internet users have paid for online content 
•     62% of online teens get their news online 
•     48% of internet users over the age of 35 use a social media site 
•     25% of smartphone owners use their phone as opposed to going online 
•     72% go online just looking for something to do, watch, or listen to
But hey, like you really needed more proof that streaming your broadcast is a necessity today? Of course not, and the latest facts from the online world show that more and more people of all age groups are using the internet in a variety of new ways. By having a strong online and mobile streaming presence, you are placing yourself in the mainstream of the shifting technology.
As always, we are committed to staying on the bleeding edge of the digital revolution, bringing you more ways to innovate, adapt and excel in today's highly competitive listening arena.
Kerry Brewer is Sr. Managing Director at Securenet Systems, a leading provider of online streaming services to the worldwide radio industry. He can be reached at kbrewer@securenetsystems.netor on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/kerrybrewer.


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