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“miRoamer Platinum” Expected to Launch in Early 2010

The original miRoamer is an online portal where users can access the world's largest and most diverse selection of Internet radio content…all for free. miRoamer offers you the ability to wirelessly access all of the same Internet Radio content via portable hardware devices, cell phones, in your car, and wherever else the Internet eventually becomes…
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Future of Radio in 2010

Internet radio continues to attract more unique listeners. In 2007, Bridge Ratings conducted a study on which primary daily “devices” were most commonly used: Terrestrial Radio, Internet Radio, HD Radio, Satellite Radio, Cell Phone, MP3 Player. Comparing it to 2009, terrestrial radio dropped 9% while internet radio increased 6%. More people are listening to radio…
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IMDA — Guidelines for Internet Broadcasters

The IMDA, Internet Media Device Alliance, has recently announced new guidelines for internet radio station metadata. Ben Terrel, host of the IMDA Metadata Working Group meeting said, “This metadata defines for the first time streamed radio station information to identify the station as well as stream information. Device design companies and aggregators will use this…
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Video Streaming for Radio

Video streaming for radio is becoming popular among radio stations and broadcasters. Having the ability to stream a live video right in your player can benefit greatly. Your listeners will become more engaged in the station. They will get a chance to see the station, the staff, and most importantly, the faces of the hosts.…
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