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Cirrus Player… Are you on it?

Just a reminder to make sure you're upgraded to the Cirrus™ Player   If you still haven't upgraded to the Cirrus™ Player, you're missing out on great features and more ad revenue potential. The player is designed to keep your listeners on your player for longer and is optimized for better ad visibility. Its ability to be…
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Music Discovery Still Dominated By Traditional Radio

Music Discovery Still Dominated By Traditional Radio  Even though technology is rapidly changing the way consumers listen to radio, traditional tune-in remains strong and vibrant. Tech advances like satellite stations and online streaming services have certainly gained the spotlight in recent years, but traditional radio continues to attract the biggest audience. According to Nielsen's most…
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The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming

The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming If you haven't downloaded and read our report "The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming 2013" you should check it out now (available for download in your Radio Control Panel). The 11-page guide summarizes the growth of online ad spending and how you should be utilizing your Cirrus™ player's ad space to…
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Are You Taking Advantage of the Menu Auto-Open Feature?

Introduce Your Player Apps... Introduce your player apps immediately by enabling the menu auto-open feature. Enabling this will automatically open the player menu as soon as the player loads, after any pre-rolls have finished playing. The menu stays open for 60 seconds then closes on its own, unless the listener has closed it before the…
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