Have You Upgraded To Our Latest Version 4 Player System?

If you aren't streaming with Securenet with the latest version player, you are missing out on a lot of benefits. The new system incorporates a lot of new and improved listener-interactive and social media features.  
Many of the new features are advertising-centric, created by our knowledgeable development team to aid and assist you in monetizing your listener traffic.  
With valuable feedback from customers, we are always striving to stay on the edge with constantly evolving features and enhancements....features such as; 
  • The ability to stream in AAC+ at twice the quality of Windows Media or MP3 at the same bit-rate  
  • The ability to reach all desktops, mobile devices, car and home internet radios, etc 
  • Using our free customized iPhone and Android apps, for greater credibility, reach and branding 
  • The ability to run geo-targeted advertising campaigns for all mediums; pre-roll videos, banners, etc 
  • The ability to join our Ad Delivery Network and earn instant revenue from your player traffic  
  • Or having the ability to sequence and schedule particular ads to run at certain times or slots within breaks 
  • Or the ability to create multiple campaigns across one or more stations, all using and sharing the same media 
  • The ability to utilize our Song Wizard to display uniform playlists across your website, players and mobile apps
....and the list goes on. If you would like more information on our Version 4 player system, contact your rep or send an email to info@securenetsystems.net. There are so many new abilities and features with the new platform, and you can also have multiple publishing points in AAC+ or in MP3 if you'd like.  
The Version 3 player system uses Windows Media, which is limited in market penetration. However, we will continue to support all formats.
For more information on any of our features and services, send an email to info@securenetsystems.net. We also welcome any of your questions, comments and suggestions!  


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