We’ve been very happy with the switch to Cirrus. The station sounds GREAT online and is easy for people (especially the parents of my students) to access. Thank you.

Len O'Kelly, WLSX Radio

I resisted the Content Player in favor of the Encore for the longest. Tried it out and fell in love with it, and also the listeners love it. The Content Player is sexy! Just Dope!


Dizzi Dee, RAW 704 GM

This is just a note of appreciation for the work that Vadhym in your tech support has provided. Simply amazing. We are excited to be 100% again after a recent computer melt down. Thanks again for the support through the years. Now we can focus on re-building our audience over the next month.

Eugene E. Harris, Jr., MBA, GroovinU.com

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service. From tech support to audio quality, I’m THRILLED! Keep up the great work!

Loo Katz, Hound Radio

Diego, I am really impressed with the sound quality of the stream and the dashboard functions. Thanks again for working with us. This will be a huge boost for the students (and their parents, trying to listen at home).


Len O’Kelly, Grand Valley State University

I’m merely a grasshopper and still learning. I appreciate you. You guys are amazing!

Sindy Ashby, onthewakeupradio.com

Katie, since I received your email, I wanted you to know I appreciate your service. Thank you so very much for your awesome services!

Dr. X.C. Joshua, New Beginning Community EDU

Katie, Thank you for your help over the past two years. Our online streaming platforms have been a huge success! Thank you for all your help!

Mark Peterson, WBVP

Lea, Thank you so much for reaching out to me. It was really kind of you. I truly appreciate your kindness and caring heart! It says a lot about you and your company! I just want to say thank you for your concern and willingness to work with us to making our business with you successful, during the most deadliest virus in the world. You are an awesome woman with an outstanding heart and a great personality! We appreciate you!

Phyllis Hester

Just a quick thank you for automating the reporting to SoundExchange. The April report worked flawlessly, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this new feature that you added.

Doug Myer, WDAC Radio Company

Diego, I truly appreciate the assistance you and Cristina provided in helping us to transition to Cirrus. We are up and running now and have gotten a number of compliments on the new player and the quality of the stream. I wish we had known about your company, many years ago.

Cathis Hall

I just wanted to let you know that Katie and I spoke today and she was amazing! Despite the many technical terms that I wasn’t completely familiar with, she spoke in such a manner that it was easy to understand. Katie was very patient with my numerous questions and I was very happy with all the info she shared with me today. She is making the process very seamless!

Jeff Weber, Jeff Weber Media

Katie, Thank you for your help and your patience. You do good work!

Scott Hornberger, FM Power 107.1 WTJN

Thank you, Lea! We really do appreciate your keeping in touch and checking on our progress!

Darrell L. Roe, Ph.D., Eastern New Mexico University

Lea, You brought my frustration level down with much joy and happiness. I would like to thank you for resolving the issues. You did an outstanding job and I am most appreciative to you for getting my station back up and running!

Phyllis Hester

Thank you, Lea. All my questions have been answered in detail. You are all a great team!

Richard Cassidy, WAMU

I have worked with many other Streaming companies over the past 20 years and Securenet Systems really has great reliability and performance. I will make sure my friends in the Radio industry find out about your service.

C. Jayson Brentlinger, Arkansas Rocks Radio Network

You are on fuego, Katie! You've have been AH-MAZING! Thanks again!

Rashidi Clenance, Sun Stroke Promos

Thanks to Lea for directing us to you, and thanks to YOU for helping get this resolved. CIRRUS ROCKS!!!

Kipper Mggee

Good Morning Lea, Thank you for the outstanding effort to go the extra mile. We were completely down and in under an hour CIR/SN had us back online. Thank you and please extend our gratitude to the team!

Brandon D. Bailey, Prazor


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