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SoundEx "undistributed funds" top $200 million, Digital Music News finds

SX: AMOUNT REFLECTS “EXPLOSION” OF NET RADIO SoundExchange is holding over $200 million in unpaid royalties, according to Digital Music News. “And, given the growth arcs,” Digital Music News writes, “the amount may be quite a lot more.” SoundExchange’s current pile of $200 million is up from $96.7 million it had at the end of…
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Court caps off ASCAP interim fees, saving radio $40M

The radio industry came home from court with a new ASCAP rate that will take effect in June or July and will remain in effect until a new rate is negotiated or imposed. The Radio Music License Committee says it will save the industry about $40M in annual fees. RMLC’s Executive Director, Bill Velez, commented,…
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Internet Radio Becoming More Competitive in 2010

SNL Kagan recently published an updated 2010 analysis of Internet Radio. While the major radio broadcast names such as CBS and Clear Channel Communications are receiving the bulk of Internet radio ad revenues, based on publicly reported data, on the strength of their well-established local audiences, Internet radio pureplay Pandora Media has shown it can…
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Pure Internet Radio Threesome Head for the U.S.

British digital and internet radio enthusiasts have enjoyed the quality sound and cool styling of PURE products for a good while now. Happily, the company has just announced that three of the range first announced at CES 2010 will shortly be available to U.S. customers. The award-winning EVOKE Flow, the independence-inducing Oasis Flow and the…
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