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If you haven’t heard of BlogTalkRadio, chances are, you soon will. BlogTalkRadio is a provider of thousands of internet talk radio shows and has been becoming quite popular. Their live and archived shows are produced by anyone that wants to be an internet radio host. You don’t need your own radio station, website, or studio.…
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Online Listener Habits

Do you know what the daily online listener peak hours are vs. traditional morning/afternoon drive? Did you realize that online listeners have a much higher ‘dwell time’? That’s right. The online listener spends far more time listening than the traditional listener, as we spend much more time at the workplace than we do in the…
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How to Price Your Online Replacement Ads and Banners

The prices that you can charge for online, Internet-only replacement ads and banners for your players is going to vary widely, depending on the reach and scope of your market coverage and terrestrial spot pricing. This overview is intended to provide you some pricing examples and ideas and insights that you can use in your…
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