The Playlist Wizard Works Across All Platforms

If you want to fully cater to your listeners, then you need to utilize the embedded playlist song wizard. It's simple to use and easy to integrate, and best of all, it's available to ALL streaming accounts. One of your listeners hears a song 5 minutes ago and they're dying to know the name; are you able to provide this information readily? A major component to listener loyalty is being able to cater to your listeners' needs.

Our playlist song wizard is more than just a list of songs recently played. It's integrated with album art, links to buy the song, ringtones, music videos, lyrics, artist bios, and even concert tickets in your local area. You can also display as many past-played songs as you want to, showing the exact time the song was played.
The playlist wizard works across all platforms, tying all your media together - player, website, and mobile app.
Player: Your desktop player has a link that pops open a small window within the frame of your player to display the song list.

Website: You can grab the embed code from your Control Panel and embed the song wizard right onto your website for easy access to show every song that's currently playing.


Mobile Apps: The song wizard is displayed within your streaming app so your listeners can still see the song info even while they are on-the-go.


If you haven't added this onto your website, you should! It's nice eye-candy and a great interactive tool that gives your listeners a longer dwell time.
For more information on the playlist song wizard or any of our features and services, send an email to We also welcome any of your questions, comments and suggestions!


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