Some Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Streaming Account

Are you using a customized skin? Why not? It's simple and easy to do. Just go to your Control Panel, click on "Skins" and follow the simple instructions and you can easily customize your player background. When uploading a skin, keep in mind that the skin will resize itself, depending on whether or not you have banners displayed at the bottom, or are using the radio buttons across the top. Skins can also be associated with ad-replacement spots and companion banners for a complete take-over effect. This creates greater impact for advertisers. 
Have you used the "Billboard Fill" feature yet? Billboard fill is a feature that you can use to associate a billboard (the 400x200 slot just to the right of the player controls) with a particular time schedule. This is especially useful to stations for branding shows, syncing DJ profiles with their slots, and other associations, like display ads that are timed to correspond to certain events. This feature can be found in your Control Panel under "Advertising," and uses a simple calendar scheduler to set up the fill times and upload the billboard banners.
Another great feature that is also located under "Advertising" in your Control Panel, is our "Sequencing Scheduler" that gives you the ability to sequence spots and ads to run in any combination or priority that you wish. This feature gives you complete control over placement of spots during breaks, and what else is allowed to be played in a break, as well as control over companion banners. The Sequencer can also be used with Securenet's Ad Delivery Network to fill in the rest of your schedule with video and banner ads from our network of advertisers. 
More and more stations are joining our Ad Delivery Network every week and taking advantage of Securenet's high fill rate and CPM rates. We work with the biggest advertising names and brands to bring you quality advertisements that won't turn off your listeners. Plus, it will make you money. Our Ad Delivery Network allows you to make money 24/7 without doing a thing. All you have to do is flip a little tab in your Control Panel, again, under the tab marked "Advertising," and we do the rest. We feed your listeners high-quality ads, and you get a check every month. Listeners have not only come to expect ads, but are used to seeing them on everything from radio players to YouTube and Facebook. 
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