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Streaming Music Cuts Down on Piracy?

In a survey conducted in Norway by Norstat, streaming music, like Pandora, results in less illegal downloading. Survey shows one in three Norwegians have streamed music. Of those that streamed, 60% felt more up-to-date, 68% listened to more music than they did before streaming, and 72% said streaming services helped them discover new music. It…
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Internet Radio Growing in European Markets

Streaming technology to distribute Internet Radio already existed more than ten years ago, when the first audio streams were available on the World Wide Web. However, for a long time it was only possible to listen to Internet Radio via a PC. Nowadays tabletop Radios are not only able to receive several thousand radio stations…
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Q2 Revenues were up 7% for The Nielsen Company

With a $1.75 billion IPO pending, the CFO of The Nielsen Company was restricted in what he could say in the company’s Q2 conference call. But Brian West was upbeat in his comments to bond analysts and reported decent growth for the quarter. The Watch segment, which includes Nielsen’s broadcast ratings businesses, posted a revenue…
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