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Showcase your top songs with the SongIQ widget

You've seen the SongIQ report... but now we've got a SongIQ embeddable widget you can integrate anywhere.   The SongIQ report shows the top 5, 10, 20, or 40 songs by various criteria to give you a quick insight of what's hot with your listeners. Now we've turned it into a fully customizable embeddable widget…
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Your listeners are requesting songs… are you listening?

We make it easy for listeners to send in song requests, and we make it easy for you to track them. Let your listeners have a say! They can send in songs they want you to play, or even special guests or topics they want to hear. It's a perfect outlet for listeners to interact,…
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Get to know your listeners a little more

It's important to cater to your listeners, so knowing what they are most interested in is crucial... and guess what, there's a report in your dashboard that can provide you with this information! The SongIQ reports allows you to get major insight into what songs are hot with your listeners. Find the report right now…
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