Monthly Archives: April 2009

Worldwide Digital Radio Growth

The worldwide digital radio market has been growing, as most of you know. But most of you probably don’t know which markets are growing at the fastest rates. Between 2007 and 2008 digital radio experienced growth of 85%, as reported by, which is a tremendous increase in just one year. Asia/Pacific was the main…
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Online radio audience grows to 42 million!

Last week Arbitron Inc. and Edison Research released their latest study “The Infinite Dial 2009.” This study showed that the usage rate of digital audio platforms, suck as online radio, iPods, podcasting, etc., has significantly increased since 2008. Interestingly enough, weekly online radio audience has grown to roughly 42 million Americans, up from 33 million…
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Online streaming revenue nearly quadrupled last year

According to the latest reports, online revenue nearly quadrupled last year, growing from $67 million to $247 million. It doesn’t stop there - on average, online revenue is expected to increase an average of $132 million through 2013. Most experts agree that the increasing popularity of online radio - driven by expanding wifi and mobile…
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"Buy Now" Amazon Button on all DCS Players

Securenet Systems has just finished implementing a brand new feature for station managers which allow station managers to earn commission on music purchased from There is now a “Buy Now” Amazon button on all players running DCS which automatically updates to the song currently playing. Clicking on the button takes the listener directly to…
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