Cirrus® Engager

Are you an Engager? Fully engage with listeners in real-time while you're on the go!


Stay connected with your listeners 24/7 from any device, no matter where you are. The Cirrus® Engager app for iOS and Android allows stations to monitor audio streams, manage remote DJ settings, chat with listeners in real-time, send push notifications and much more. Best of all, it's free for all streaming clients!


Cirrus Engager  

Live chat
with listners

Monitor and post
to social feeds
right from the app

Access shout-outs
in real-time and
play over the air

Connect with
listners 24/7 with
push messaging

View top songs
history, song plays
and how many
listners per song
all on one screen

Access royalties

monitor your
stream health

See real-time
listener count and
metrics, like geos
and device types

Switch back and
forth between
studio mode and
Remote DJ mode
(must have remote DJ enabled)

View current
DCS status

View current
stream status
and see uptime

View the
song/segment that
is currently being
broadcasted on the
players and apps

You can do ALL this without having to log onto a computer. Download the Cirrus® Engager app and become an Engager today!


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Deerfield Beach, FL USA


+1 954 481 9402