Why Use an Ad Network Like Securenet’s?

Securenet Systems' Ad Delivery Network automatically delivers advertising to your players and mobile apps from a vast network of national and international advertisers and mobile content providers. We take over your player ad display ability, add you to our inventory, and video, audio and rich-media banner ads are automatically delivered to your listeners.
Our Ad Network is growing like crazy because we do all the work, so you don't need to do a single thing!
•     No selling
•     No tracking
•     No affidavits
•     No billing
•     No collections
•     Automatic monthly payouts
All top brand national and international advertisers provide:
•     Video ads
•     Audio ads
•     Display media
•     Pre-roll
•     In-stream replacement ads
•     Desktop player ads
•     Mobile player ads
Flexibility and additional features:
•     Schedule your own ads and fill ROS from our ADN 
•     Sequence your own ads and fill ROS from our ADN 
•     High fill rates, CPMs and payouts
•     Family-friendly advertisers
•     Christian Ad Net 
•     Hispanic Ad Net 
We then take care of the rest, and you get a rev-share check every month from the aggregate split on all ads run across all your players and apps. This industry is exploding and you are part of it. The majority of today's online listeners expect ads, and our top brand-name advertisers will add credibility to your station, and revenue to your bottom line.
For more information on joining Securenet's Ad Delivery Network, contact your company representative, or send an email to info@securnetsystems.net.


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