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Streaming Your Signal To The Car. Still A Challenge.

Written by Kerry Brewer of Securenet Systems, featured on RadioInk. Look around and you’ll see smartphones galore, but people aren’t just using them to surf the internet, check email, or update their Facebook status. Although in previous articles I have written about the growth of in-car streaming, there are still the proverbial pros and cons.…
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Banner advertising sees a rebound; counting the clicks and CPMs

The latest indications are that online ad revenue is outpacing expectations, according to Kurt Hanson, the editor of the Radio And Internet Newsletter (RAIN). He quotes the latest Arbitron Infinite Dial 2011, where the growth of online listeners is doubling every 5 years since 2001, which I also mentioned last week. Another thing that Kurt…
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Latest Trends And Growth In Online Radio for April 2011

If you haven’t seen the latest Arbitron / Edison Research Report called the Infinite Dial 2011, then you want to download a copy from Arbitron’s website. It is easy to see with all the eye-candy charts exactly what is happening to the growth of online radio and online advertising. An estimated 89 million Americans listened…
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Engaging Your Listeners For Loyalty

One of the major keys to leveraging your online streaming presence is to create listener-interactive features. You want to cause your listeners to behave in a manner that makes it engaging to listen to your stream, out of the hundreds of thousands of streams and sites out there. So what are the ways in which…
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