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Why Use an Ad Network Like Securenet’s?

Securenet Systems' Ad Delivery Network automatically delivers advertising to your players and mobile apps from a vast network of national and international advertisers and mobile content providers. We take over your player ad display ability, add you to our inventory, and video, audio and rich-media banner ads are automatically delivered to your listeners.   Our…
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New Features and Desktop Housekeeping

Royalty-Paid Music for Your Site Hey, did you know that you can now add royalty-paid music streams to your site as additional streams and automatically monetize them with our Ad Delivery Network?     The Soundify.Us system can be utilized by terrestrial and internet broadcasters to add one or more of our royalty-paid channels to your…
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Some Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Streaming Account

Are you using a customized skin? Why not? It's simple and easy to do. Just go to your Control Panel, click on "Skins" and follow the simple instructions and you can easily customize your player background. When uploading a skin, keep in mind that the skin will resize itself, depending on whether or not you…
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10 Things to Enhance and Monetize Your Stream

1 - Make sure that you are streaming in the latest formats that are acceptable to virtually all desktops and mobile devices. The latest compression format is AAC+ (Ver 2), and is twice the quality of MP3, at the same encoding bit rate.   2 - Have your streaming link in prominent view at the…
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