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Streaming Revenues Now Surpass $1 Billion In the US

Streaming Revenues Now Surpass $1 Billion In the US According to revenue statistics shared with Digital Music News by label trade group RIAA, it includes everything from Spotify to Pandora to YouTube to Sirius XM Radio. Anything that falls under 'access' instead of 'ownership,' ad-supported or subscription. "Collectively, [access services] went from just 3 percent…
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New Traffic Player App Available on Cirrus™

New Traffic Player App Available on Cirrus™ We have just added a new Player App to the Cirrus™ Player, a traffic map. Now your listeners are able to see current traffic updates via your player anytime they want. All traffic is updated instantly and displayed in real-time. It defaults to the listener's location to show…
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Check Us Out on

Check Us Out on Alexa.comCheck us out on and see how well we rank in the US and worldwide. If you have never heard of before, they are the number one website traffic ranking service on the web. We currently rank 22,612 globally and 6,587 in the US (the lower the rank, the…
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Securenet Systems Announces World Expansion with New Datacenter Location

Deerfield Beach - March 15, 2013 - Securenet Systems, Inc., the world s 2nd-largest and fastest-growing streaming provider for radio, announced that they have expanded their international footprint by adding a new datacenter location to their network, making it their third world location. Securenet Systems has recently doubled bandwidth capacity, making them one of the…
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Why We Didn’t Use HTML5 for the Cirrus Player

HTML5 - Why Not? HTML5 has been a buzzword flying around the Internet for quite some time now. We've had many people ask if our new Cirrus™ Player would be built using HTML5. Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, we decided that it was best to avoid that route. Then after,…
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Send Your Songlist Around the World Effortlessly

Connect your now playing information to your Twitter account ASAP. Why? We just added two top trending hashtags at the end of each automated tweet - #nowplaying and #listenlive. Each time your player refreshes to a new song or segment, it provides a short link to your player (allowing anyone to pop the player open…
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