Amazon Alexa Skills & Google Home Actions

Claim your name today!

You can launch your radio station with your voice! Give your listeners options to access your live stream and podcasts/on-demand content through Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Amazon Alexa is one of the fastest growing audio platforms on the market. Amazon currently owns 70% of the voice-enabled speaker device market. There are over 35 million Alexa-enabled devices already placed in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even cars!

If you don’t have a “skill” enabled for your listeners, now is the time! You want to hurry to create your skill name before someone else does. Think of this process as when you were trying to pick a domain name. Claim your name before it is too late!

What are skills?

Amazon calls their apps “skills” and each skill must have a unique name. That means there can only be one “ESPN Radio” and one “Y100.” It’s important to grab your unique skill name now, before it’s gone.  

What are commands?

Amazon offers commands, like "open," "play," "pause," "resume."

Why take advantage?

  • No setup or developer fees
  • 2 custom/personalized Alexa skills
  • Control over your listener experience
  • Browse through live radio and podcasts with your voice
  • Showcase your station in the Amazon Skill Store
  • Expose your station to new listeners
  • Expand your audience in more ways than ever before
Your station’s media companion player for streaming on Alexa-enabled devices! Listeners can access any artist/song info that's currently playing on their device, as well as interact with your station's online player features.
Patent-Pending Technology
Listeners will ask
Alexa to start playing your station on their Alexa-enabled device
Alexa will tell
listeners to go to before your stream starts
Listeners will go
to, that’s already synced to your station’s now playing info on a fully interactive player that will display all show/artist/song info, as well as allow interaction with your listeners.
listeners can still be fully engaged even if they’re listening on a device.
  • Song info
  • Artist info
  • Artist bio
  • Artist videos
  • Artist website
  • Artist social media
  • Discography


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