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You can launch your radio station with your voice! Give your listeners options to access your live stream and podcasts/on-demand content through Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa is one of the fastest growing audio platforms on the market. Amazon currently owns 70% of the voice-enabled speaker device market. There are over 35 million Alexa-enabled devices already placed in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even cars!

If you don’t have a “skill” enabled for your listeners, now is the time!

What are skills?

Alexa Skills are voice-activated commands for Amazon devices. They enable your radio station's content to reach audiences through voice commands on Alexa-enabled devices.

What are commands?

Amazon offers commands, like "open," "play," "pause," "resume."

Why take advantage?

  • No setup or developer fees
  • Your own custom/personalized Alexa skills
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Control over your listener experience
  • Browse through podcasts with your voice
  • Showcase your station in the Amazon Skill Store
  • Expose your station to new listeners
  • Expand your audience in more ways than ever before


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