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iTunes Connect Closing for Holidays | New Features Alert

iTunes Connect will be closed for the Holidays  As part of Apple's yearly holiday ritual, they will be closing iTunes Connect starting Saturday, December 21, to Friday, December 27. This means that we will be unable to submit any iOS apps or updates to apps during this time. Here is the official notice from Apple:…
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Run Your Own Mobile Ads

Start running your own mobile ads or mix with our Ad Delivery Network!  Great news! You can now run your own mobile ads on the iOS and Android apps. If your apps are version 5.8 and up, you can choose to run your own advertising or a mixture of both your ads and ads from…
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What’s Your Favorite Cirrus Player Feature?

Did you know...  Our Cirrus™ Player comes fully-loaded with features that you can turn on or off anytime in your Radio Control Panel. Which feature is your favorite? Here are four of our widely used features. Are you using any of these? Top Menu Buttons and Content You can create up to 5 buttons that run…
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Take Advantage of Your Cirrus™ Player’s Ad Space

With the end of the year just around the corner, advertisers are blasting the advertising world with end of the year and holiday specials. "The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming" is our 11-page guide that summarizes the growth of online ad spending and how you should be utilizing your Cirrus™ player's ad space to maximize revenue potential.…
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