Don’t Leave Your Stream in the Dark

The latest mobile stats are in from Q2, and it looks like Android is gaining against iPhone and the others. Nielsen’s latest report shows the market shares for the major players, with Android now at 39%, and the iPhone at 28%. However, Apple owns the hardware market on that front with the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. If you don’t have Android and iPhone apps for your stream, you better get plugged into the grid fast!

Advertisers continue to cash in on ad networks, and with the growing increase in online ad spending, it only makes sense that you should monetize your online stream. Streaming companies today are already taking care of the ad delivery for you, and you just choose whether you want to participate or not. Ads are automatically delivered to your player, and you get a check every month for your share of the revenue without doing a thing. The ultimate in passive income. See the latest growth in ad delivery...
And in the world of social media, 90% of marketers surveyed report that social media is important for promoting their business. Only 28% report outsourcing their social media business, with 50% of B2C businesses reporting an increase in their use of online ads. If you are not using social media to help promote your station, you are missing the boat….don’t be like that. Get with the program and find out how today’s social media features like embedded players, post to Twitter, chat, and other features can help you gain listener loyalty.
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