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Internet Radio Listening in the Car Will Reach Measurable Numbers

As we say hello to 2011 and look back at 2010, we realize that 2010 was the year for internet radio. Many predictions were made; some were right, some were wrong. One prediction about in-car radio streaming turned out to be right. PREDICTION FROM 2010: Internet radio listening in the car will reach measurable numbers –…
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The Internet Plays a Bigger Part in the Future of Radio

What makes people listen to the radio via the Internet? Is it because it’s convenient? Is it because of the interaction between station and listener? Whatever the reason is, radio streaming is here to stay. The number of stations that anticipate having more online than over the air listeners grows gradually each year. Here are some…
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Home Streaming to Motorola Mobile Devices

Motorola is aiming to bring streaming video to tablets and mobile phones in the home via a set-top box, according to Reuters. At first, the idea is to provide streaming video (movies, TV programs) to devices within a wireless network at home, but eventually Motorola wants to enable its customers to watch any content, anywhere.…
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