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4.9% Projected Ad Growth of 2015 is the Highest In Ten Years

Make sure you are taking advantage of the ad space provided on your desktop player and mobile apps. You can run your own campaigns, let us fill the ad spaces with campaigns from national and international brand-name advertisers, or a mixture of both... allowing you to maximize your revenue potential. Our Ad Delivery Network makes…
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Your listeners can tell you a lot…

Did you know you can allow your listeners to rate their favorite songs? Song rating is available on our Cirrus® Player and version 6 Android apps. Listeners can select a thumbs up or thumbs down for the current song that is playing... and you will be able to view polling reports in your Radio Control Panel to see…
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Customize Your Android App’s Menu Items

If you are on the latest Android app (version 6 or greater), you can customize the menu items that expand from the left side of the app. You can create up to 10 custom links that you can target to open up within the app. The links will then display in the slide-out menu.  …
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