Monthly Archives: October 2013

Radio in the U.S. is Still Growing

In order to counteract the much bandied statement that "radio is dying," John Anderson of took the time to analyze 21 years worth of FCC data in order to provide a portrait of the current state of licensed radio broadcasting in the United States.   According to Anderson's analysis, radio is still on the…
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Download Our Mobile Apps ‘Getting Started’ Tutorial

If you don't have iOS and Android streaming apps yet for your station you should check out our tutorial for getting started. Our tutorial breaks down the steps required in getting your apps developed for free by Securenet Systems; specs for creating the proper images required, Apple developer registration instructions, and where to submit all…
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New Cirrus Player Features – Sub Account & Blackout/Whitelist

Create a Sub Account for Your Radio Control Panel You can now create a sub account for the "Advertising & Payouts" and "Reports & Notifications" sections in your Radio Control Panel. This will only grant access to these two sections, giving a 3rd party webmaster, ad agency, or consultant, etc. the ability to manage and…
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