Our network is a platform of web and mobile-based radio players equipped with user-interactive features.

Advertise your brand across thousands of station web players all over the world - both terrestrial radio stations and internet-only stations. Our platform can deliver video pre-roll, audio pre-roll (both with companion banners), video or audio in-stream ad-insertion and IAB standard rich media display banners.

Cirrus Streaming has a network comprised of thousands of radio station players from all over the world with millions of listeners, allowing you to reach as diverse an audience as needed. Our desktop and mobile ad reach is responsible for over a billion ad impressions a month and growing.

  • Geo-targetable audiences by country code, IP number, DMA or device-type
  • VAST/VPAID player video sizes | 586x320 with 300x250 companion banner
  • IAB standard banner sizes used by Cirrus Streaming players | 300x250 and 728x90
  • Professional and highly knowledgeable media department very experienced in the areas of ad platforms, open market, and working closely with digital agencies.

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