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Are You Using Our Latest Technology?

If you are not using our latest version player system, you are missing out on a lot of new features like these that are designed to maximize your exposure and monetize your traffic. Free Mobile Apps For All Your Stations   Earn Instant Revenue With Our Ad Delivery Network Use Our Playlist Widget Across All…
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Have You Upgraded To Our Latest Version 4 Player System?

If you aren't streaming with Securenet with the latest version player, you are missing out on a lot of benefits. The new system incorporates a lot of new and improved listener-interactive and social media features.     Many of the new features are advertising-centric, created by our knowledgeable development team to aid and assist you in monetizing your…
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Did you know that you can do all these things with our system?

Did you know that Securenet Systems provides so many radio streaming features to make your life easier? Our Song Wizard is one of the more useful and utilized features. Our Song Wizard allows you to embed your playlist in your website, complete with album art, artist info, time of play, as well as links to…
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What Are the Latest Online Listener Habits?

New research shows that the online listening market is still growing at measurable rates. According to our latest numbers, more and more traditional AM/FM listeners are shifting their listening habits to take advantage of the ability to listen online at work and on the go, via the huge proliferation of smartphones and mobile player apps.…
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