Did you know that you can do all these things with our system?

Did you know that Securenet Systems provides so many radio streaming features to make your life easier?
Our Song Wizard is one of the more useful and utilized features. Our Song Wizard allows you to embed your playlist in your website, complete with album art, artist info, time of play, as well as links to videos, lyrics, concerts, ringtones, biography, and song purchase. The section in your Control Panel entitled, "Site Playlist Embedding" allows you to generate the HTML code to paste onto your site.    
Found under 'Advertising' in your Control Panel, our Ad Sequencer allows you to schedule spots to run in any sequence on any breaks. Prioritize your spots for higher value to sponsors and advertisers. You can also fill everything outside of your own schedule with content from our Ad Delivery Network. 
With our Campaign Scheduler also found in the same section, you can set up any type of campaigns you want, from pre-rolls to ad insertion to display banners, and associate certain banners, spots and skins, creating a complete player takeover for greater impact. You can set up as many campaigns as you want, and use already existing content across multiple campaigns, saving you valuable time and work. You can also set up daily limits on any campaign, which is useful for managing campaigns that require a particular daily limit, or ceiling to the number of ads run for a particular client.  
Our advertising tracking and reporting system allows you to set campaigns with specific limits, either impression-based or time-based, and be instantly notified when a campaign is complete. You can also have the client notified. You can download an excel spreadsheet of the performance to provide in affidavit format automatically to any client. You can also view campaign performance in real-time, with bar charts to give you easy at-a-glance visuals.  
Our Billboard Fill feature is a very useful feature that allows you to associate a 400x200 billboard with any time slot using a simple calendar scheduler. Use the Campaign Scheduler to schedule billboards to display in sync with show schedules, DJs, or whatever you want to feature on a schedule, like special events and remotes. 
There are  'Radio Buttons' that you can place at the top of your streaming player, allowing you to target other sites, pages, players, etc. You can have anywhere from 1 to 5 buttons, and they can be custom colorized to match the player and/or your site. If you add up to 5 station player links to the buttons, all 5 players will refresh and play, all within the same player. Especially useful for small groups, clusters or to add HD side channels. 
If you are looking for ease and a no-hassle approach to earning revenue from your listener traffic, then you can join our Ad Delivery Network and let us deliver high-quality ads from major brands to your listener traffic, and we'll send you a check every month for your share of the revenue. It's that simple! 
For more information on any of our features and services, send an email to info@securenetsystems.net.


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