Our Ad Network Means Higher Payouts

You can make money right now from our Ad Delivery Network by simply opting-in when you sign up with our radio streaming plans. You can run your own ads if you'd like, and fill in the rest of your ROS with our ads. Our leverage in the impression-based media market allows you to get more impressions and receive a higher revenue share.
Our Ad Delivery Network is growing every day, running in the tens of millions impressions on a weekly basis. Because of our collective, increasing traffic volume, we are able to attract higher paying advertisers. Our network now delivers rich media display ads and video pre-rolls from some of the biggest Fortune 5000 advertisers. Companies like Breitling, Ford, Burger King, Century 21, Yamaha, Zillow, Fisher-Price  and many, many more comprise our expanding network of quality advertisers. 
You can also advertise to all your mobile listeners via our Android and iPhone apps that we custom-build for your station or group. We also deliver rich media impression ads from some of the biggest names in national and international advertising.
By the way, if you haven't already done so, you can sign up as a Securenet Affiliate. You will need to sign up to get paid out on commissions received from the Ad Delivery Network....and by the way, you can also refer business to us anytime and also receive a referral commission every month for the life of each account.  

Not only are your listeners used to seeing ads, but check out the growth in online desktop and mobile advertising! Borrell Associates, which specializes in researching local and online advertising, are forecasting that local online advertising will reach $18 billion annually by 2016! Local couponing will reach $3 billion a year, and over 70% of all mobile advertising will be locally geo-targeted ads.  
Don't forget, with our Ad Delivery Network, we are able to geo-target ads by local, regional, national and international reach, using IP number-based tracking, and DMAs (designated market areas). So whether you are running your own ads, and/or using our ad network, your listeners are being fed ads that are targeting them, thus increasing your credibility and commanding higher payouts. 
Give us a call or click today to find out more about our Ad Delivery Network and earning money from your listener traffic.


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