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Jacobs Media Technology Survey: Latest Media Usage Findings

According to the latest Jacobs Media Technology Survey, a majority of rock radio listeners surveyed have yet to move to listening to radio on smartphones. Most are still listening to RF-based radio. However, about a third of these rock listeners are using Pandora for streaming music, and enjoy using it regularly. Another interesting finding was…
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RadioTime’s User Listening Sessions: Over 45 Million

RadioTime recently published their user listening session stats. Unsurprisingly, RadioTime keeps getting more and more users. In March 2010 RadioTime had over 45 million user listening sessions. That’s a 40% increase from February 2010! “For 100 years, radio has been an important source of news and entertainment because it offers unique live, local and free…
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The Infinite Dial 2010: Digital Platforms and the Future of Radio

Key Findings about Radio and Digital Platforms: Nearly one in four Americans has listened to audio from an iPod or other MP3 player connected to a car stereo: Although consumers often have to deal with myriad adapters and other barriers to in-car listening, 54 percent of iPod/MP3 player owners have listened to their device in…
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Internet Radio – Traditional Radio’s Future?

In a just-completed Bridge Ratings study of 3500 consumers ages 12+, our goal was to determined the current status/awareness and use of Internet radio among average Americans and the impact of Internet radio listening on traditional radio (AM/FM) listening.The results of this study suggest that the two sets of Internet radio streaming listeners (Streamies and…
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Add 100,000-plus Internet Radio Stations to Windows Media Center

With Windows Media Center, you will now be able to tune in local FM radio stations–provided, that is, you have an FM tuner connected to your PC (some internal TV tuner cards include one) and a good antenna. With Windows Media Center, you can stream over 100,000 radio stations from all over the world. Major…
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