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iAds for Radio Apps Means Extra Revenue from Listeners

With Apple's iAd advertising platform, you can generate extra revenue from your station’s streaming iPhone app everytime a listener opens the ads. You can have a dynamic and powerful new way to bring sight, sound, motion, and emotion to ads within your app using iAd rich media ads. Rich media refers to online advertising that makes…
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Streaming Music via Bluetooth on Mercedes Means Safe Driving

Mercedes offers the ability for drivers to control smartphone music apps through the car’s infotainment systems. Drivers can play Pandora and other streaming media apps with the Media Interface Plus accessory. The Media Interface Plus is an accessory that plugs into the car’s media interface outlet. They are located in the glove compartment or the…
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Teens and Young Adults Favor Online Radio

An increase in teenagers’ time spent online may be a factor for the increase and growing popularity of online radio services, like Pandora. According to an Edison Research report, “Radio’s Future II: The 2010 American Youth Study,” media usage among teens and young adults are shifting. In 2000, 74% of young adults, ages 12-24, listened…
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Arbitron and Adelante Media Group Sign a Multi-Year Agreement

The former Bustos Media became Adelante Media Group last month and remains one of the nations’ largest Hispanic radio groups. Now Arbitron has happily announced that it has signed Adelante for its ratings services, both diary and PPM. There were no details made public, of course, but Arbitron said has signed a multi-year contract for…
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