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Internet Radio Listening in the Car Will Reach Measurable Numbers

As we say hello to 2011 and look back at 2010, we realize that 2010 was the year for internet radio. Many predictions were made; some were right, some were wrong. One prediction about in-car radio streaming turned out to be right. PREDICTION FROM 2010: Internet radio listening in the car will reach measurable numbers –…
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The Internet Plays a Bigger Part in the Future of Radio

What makes people listen to the radio via the Internet? Is it because it’s convenient? Is it because of the interaction between station and listener? Whatever the reason is, radio streaming is here to stay. The number of stations that anticipate having more online than over the air listeners grows gradually each year. Here are some…
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Home Streaming to Motorola Mobile Devices

Motorola is aiming to bring streaming video to tablets and mobile phones in the home via a set-top box, according to Reuters. At first, the idea is to provide streaming video (movies, TV programs) to devices within a wireless network at home, but eventually Motorola wants to enable its customers to watch any content, anywhere.…
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Consumers Prefer Internet Only Streams Over Traditional Radio

A recent study by research firm Coleman offers a glimpse into the behavior of internet radio stream listeners. An estimated 43 million Americans (one in six) listen to some form of audio stream at least once a week. Streaming offers a new form of radio, delivered through consumers’ computer, mobile phone, iPad, and other internet…
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Streaming Radio Growth

Excerpted from the latest Revenue Generating Radio Technologies Report from WheatStone and Althea Research November 19, 2010. (click each image to enlarge)
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NABEF Entries for Service to America Awards

2011 Celebration of Service to America Awards - Deadline for Entries - March 4, 2011 Showcase your station's commitment to localism. Submit your Celebration of Service to America Awards entries today. National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF) seeks entries for the 13th annual Celebration of Service to America Awards, an event that recognizes outstanding community…
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we7 is becoming the Pandora of the UK and Europe

Launched in November 2008, we7 is quickly becoming the Pandora of the UK and Europe. With growing popularity, we7 will be driving its digital music service towards Internet Radio Plus, bringing personal audio streaming to the mass market. Steve Purdham, CEO, we7, remarked: “As we have continued to grow in the UK we have learnt…
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Factors to Music Purchases

 A chart from report by Robert Morris University showing top ways consumers discover music.The first category is recommendations from friends.  (Credit: Robert Morris University. )  According to the study by Robert Morris University, they determined that most of their subjects discovered songs via a friend's recommendation (71 percent). That was followed by radio…
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iAds for Radio Apps Means Extra Revenue from Listeners

With Apple's iAd advertising platform, you can generate extra revenue from your station’s streaming iPhone app everytime a listener opens the ads. You can have a dynamic and powerful new way to bring sight, sound, motion, and emotion to ads within your app using iAd rich media ads. Rich media refers to online advertising that makes…
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Streaming Music via Bluetooth on Mercedes Means Safe Driving

Mercedes offers the ability for drivers to control smartphone music apps through the car’s infotainment systems. Drivers can play Pandora and other streaming media apps with the Media Interface Plus accessory. The Media Interface Plus is an accessory that plugs into the car’s media interface outlet. They are located in the glove compartment or the…
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Teens and Young Adults Favor Online Radio

An increase in teenagers’ time spent online may be a factor for the increase and growing popularity of online radio services, like Pandora. According to an Edison Research report, “Radio’s Future II: The 2010 American Youth Study,” media usage among teens and young adults are shifting. In 2000, 74% of young adults, ages 12-24, listened…
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Arbitron and Adelante Media Group Sign a Multi-Year Agreement

The former Bustos Media became Adelante Media Group last month and remains one of the nations’ largest Hispanic radio groups. Now Arbitron has happily announced that it has signed Adelante for its ratings services, both diary and PPM. There were no details made public, of course, but Arbitron said has signed a multi-year contract for…
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With the Popularity of Internet Radio Streams, Why Need FM Tuners?

A CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) survey shows that Americans oppose mandatory FM tuners in cell phones. Around seventy percent of cell phone and smartphone users say they are not interested in having FM tuners on their phone. The study, FM Tuners for Cell Phones - Measuring Consumer Interest, found that an even broader majority -…
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Bridge Ratings Analysis: Changing Tide of Internet Radio

To view the full article, click here. There has been considerable interest in the growth of Internet radio listening in recent years, especially with the arrival of Internet Radio measurement company Ando Media. Founded in 2004, Ando Media is the leading provider of real-time audience measurement and ads management solutions for the internet audio market.…
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Stretch or Shrink Audio Programs in Real Time

You can stretch or shrink audio programs in real time, allowing additional material to be added with no loss of content, or shortening programs to fill up a time slot with the 25-Seven Program Length Manager. The Program Length Manager shrinks or stretches program segments by 5%, or 3 minutes per hour, without pitch changes…
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Apple Introduces iTunes 10 With Ping

Ping Social Music Discovery Now Available to 160 Million iTunes Users in 23 Countries SAN FRANCISCO-September 1, 2010-Apple® today introduced iTunes® 10 with Ping, a new music-oriented social network for following your favorite artists and friends to discover what music they're talking about, listening to and downloading. iTunes Ping lets you post your thoughts and…
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Streaming Music Cuts Down on Piracy?

In a survey conducted in Norway by Norstat, streaming music, like Pandora, results in less illegal downloading. Survey shows one in three Norwegians have streamed music. Of those that streamed, 60% felt more up-to-date, 68% listened to more music than they did before streaming, and 72% said streaming services helped them discover new music. It…
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Internet Radio Growing in European Markets

Streaming technology to distribute Internet Radio already existed more than ten years ago, when the first audio streams were available on the World Wide Web. However, for a long time it was only possible to listen to Internet Radio via a PC. Nowadays tabletop Radios are not only able to receive several thousand radio stations…
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