Internet Radio Growing in European Markets

Streaming technology to distribute Internet Radio already existed more than ten years ago, when the first audio streams were available on the World Wide Web. However, for a long time it was only possible to listen to Internet Radio via a PC.
Nowadays tabletop Radios are not only able to receive several thousand radio stations from all over the world via the Internet; the feature can now also be found in Audio Home Systems, Hi-Fi Receivers, Tuners and even Radio Recorders and Clock Radios. In the majority of the audio product groups, the share of Internet radio is still low.

With a growth rate of +33.9% in six European countries (EU 6*) between January and June 2010 compared to the previous year Internet Radio is currently one of the fastest growing segments within Audio.
*EU 6: Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands


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