we7 is becoming the Pandora of the UK and Europe

Launched in November 2008, we7 is quickly becoming the Pandora of the UK and Europe. With growing popularity, we7 will be driving its digital music service towards Internet Radio Plus, bringing personal audio streaming to the mass market.
Steve Purdham, CEO, we7, remarked: “As we have continued to grow in the UK we have learnt more about how consumers want to ‘listen’ to the music they love. We have distilled their needs to the three drivers of Simple, Personal and Portable. With Internet Radio Plus this is what we will deliver to meet the music demands of listeners. We are not removing any of the great features that we7 already has but changing the focus and entry to we7 to reflect the way people want to access music.”
Purdham continued: “In the UK, 51 million people use radio as their preferred method of accessing music. Music consumption is moving rapidly to an Internet base but in the world of radio there has been little or no innovation to capitalise on this new potential. The Internet has been viewed as just another traditional radio device. Great pioneering work done by Last.fm in the UK and Pandora in the US has shown that the potential is much bigger and we7 intend to go further to deliver real benefits to the next generation of Internet radio listeners.”
Without any marketing push, by September more than 55% of tracks on the site were being accessed through the radio feature rather than on-demand, says We7 CEO Steve Purdham. “This is a massive hint on how people want to listen to music."


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