Internet Radio Listening in the Car Will Reach Measurable Numbers

As we say hello to 2011 and look back at 2010, we realize that 2010 was the year for internet radio. Many predictions were made; some were right, some were wrong. One prediction about in-car radio streaming turned out to be right.
PREDICTION FROM 2010: Internet radio listening in the car will reach measurable numbers – whether it be from an installed system, OEM system or just plugging iPhones or Blackberrys into the car receiver (or using a simple FM transmitter).
RIGHT: Online music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify appear to be driving interest in online in-car audio, according to data from Vision Critical. In its October online survey among a representative sample of 4,000+ online consumers, it found that 9% of U.S. drivers “streamed audio programs or podcasts on their smartphones through their vehicle’s stereo system.” Toyota will integrate Clear Channel’s iheartradio mobile app into select models starting next year. Ford also announced that they would integrate Pandora into 2011 cars with its sync system that can be purchased in 2010.


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