Bridge Ratings Analysis: Changing Tide of Internet Radio

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There has been considerable interest in the growth of Internet radio listening in recent years, especially with the arrival of Internet Radio measurement company Ando Media.
Founded in 2004, Ando Media is the leading provider of real-time audience measurement and ads management solutions for the internet audio market.
Consumers Speak Out
In a January 2010 Bridge Ratings analysis, on-line Internet radio listening was dominated by AM/FM radio simulcasts. The report found that 84% of the total on-line Internet radio listening group regularly listened to AM/FM simulcast streams in a typical week; 62% regularly listened to pure-play Internet radio streams.
The report showed that these two groups often listened to both types of streams but terrestrial streamers predominately spent most of their time with terrestrial simulcast streams and vice-versa.
In a follow-up study fielded for this special report, a change in behavior is underway. And based on behavior tracking through the first eight months of 2010, Bridge Ratings' proprietary predictive analysis suggests that without renewed programming and marketing strategies, terrestrial Internet stream audiences will continue to decline through 2014.
Satisfaction levels among AM/FM simulcast streamers has plummeted overall as Internet-only or Pure Play Internet radio stations, led by Pandora, are gathering momentum as primary listening posts for Internet radio listeners in general.
A March 2010 Bridge Ratings study focused on Streamies perceptions and found that almost half of those interviewed were spending more time with Internet radio than they were six months previous.

Clearly this new study reflects a changing landscape. We wanted to know why current Internet radio consumers have been listening less to terrestrial simulcasts on-line and why they are projecting continued reduction in listening unless listening options change.
Bridge Ratings' latest projections based on these interviews. If terrestrially delivered content opportunities don't change AM/FM simulcast primaries (those who spend more of their on-line time listening to terrestrial simulcast content) will shrink to 50% by 2014.
Internet Pure Play stations are gaining in the all-important at-work location where the significant consumption of on-line radio takes place.


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