iAds for Radio Apps Means Extra Revenue from Listeners

With Apple's iAd advertising platform, you can generate extra revenue from your station’s streaming iPhone app everytime a listener opens the ads.
You can have a dynamic and powerful new way to bring sight, sound, motion, and emotion to ads within your app using iAd rich media ads. Rich media refers to online advertising that makes use of a range of interactive digital media including streaming video, audio, menu selections and other forms of interactivity designed to captivate and engage the viewer.
Users can interact with iAd rich media ads without having to leave their app. The iAd Network offers you a new source of revenue; Apple sells and serves the ads and takes 40% of the revenue.
Apple sends an advertisement to the app, which appears at the top. These ads are generated by Apple based on the listeners’ location.
There are many national advertisers that participate. Some of the advertisers include: AT&T, Best Buy, Nissan, Disney, JC Penny, Sears, Target, Unilever, GE, Geico, Citi.
Everything is automatic and is managed by Apple. You get listeners using your app and clicking on rich, dynamic media ads, and you get a check every month for your share of the revenue stream. One more way to monetize your online listener traffic!
In fact, according to a recent study by eMarketer, mobile ad spending is up 80% this year thus far. Further studies show that mobile users, and online users in general, are getting used to seeing advertising. The same advertising that powers all general forms of media is powering mobile media.


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