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Stream Live Video on Your Cirrus® Player

Did you know that you can stream live video right on your desktop player? Enhance your listeners' experience by offering an exclusive live video feed on your player via the Cirrus® Player's Ustream player app. Whether you want to broadcast your DJs and talk show hosts live, remotely from an event, or celebrity interview, it's…
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Make Sure Your iOS App is Up to Date

Have you checked to see if your iOS app is on version 6? Our latest version 6 gives you more control over your app. If your app isn't on the latest version, click here to submit a worksheet to upgrade. Upgrading your app is simple, and free.   Here is what version 6 app looks like:  …
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Use Your Desktop Player’s Top Menu Buttons for Ads/Sponsors

In addition to using your player's top menu buttons as links to websites, you can also use them for advertisements or sponsorships... or even donate that spot to a charity. Use these menu buttons as a premium advertising spot. Here are some ways in which you can use them. See a live demo here. Video Advertising…
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New iOS App Available for Your Station – Upgrade to Version 6 Now

Upgrade Your iOS App Today! Our version 6 iOS app is now available. The new app was created around the same design and functionality as the version 6 Android app -- giving your station's apps a consistent look and feel.   Below are just some of the features on version 6: * Flat design style with…
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Custom QR Codes for Your Station’s Apps

Custom QR Codes for Your Station's Apps Did you know you can generate your own custom QR codes that link right to your station's apps (or anywhere else you want your listeners to go)? There are many free services that allow you to create and download your own QR code images that you can place…
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Broadcast Live from any Remote Location – App Now Available

Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster App for Stations & Broadcasters Now you can broadcast live from any remote location with our free Cirrus® Remote Broadcaster Android app. Need to have a DJ on location somewhere? You don't need to bring any equipment -- only an Android device (phone or tablet) running Android OS 4.1 or higher and an optional microphone.…
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Want a Free Android Smartphone? It’s On Us!

A Special Limited Time Offer Prepay your streaming for 6 months and receive an Android smartphone on us (minimum  of $99/month plan). The BLU Advance 4.0 Android phone comes to you unlocked, which means you can use it with most carriers. You can use this phone as part of a giveaway to listeners, a giveaway to…
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4.9% Projected Ad Growth of 2015 is the Highest In Ten Years

Make sure you are taking advantage of the ad space provided on your desktop player and mobile apps. You can run your own campaigns, let us fill the ad spaces with campaigns from national and international brand-name advertisers, or a mixture of both... allowing you to maximize your revenue potential. Our Ad Delivery Network makes…
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Your listeners can tell you a lot…

Did you know you can allow your listeners to rate their favorite songs? Song rating is available on our Cirrus® Player and version 6 Android apps. Listeners can select a thumbs up or thumbs down for the current song that is playing... and you will be able to view polling reports in your Radio Control Panel to see…
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Customize Your Android App’s Menu Items

If you are on the latest Android app (version 6 or greater), you can customize the menu items that expand from the left side of the app. You can create up to 10 custom links that you can target to open up within the app. The links will then display in the slide-out menu.  …
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Display Any Image in Place of Default Album Art

Display Any Image in Place of Default Album Art    If your station broadcasts syndicated shows and programming, we can display an image for that show on your player (where the album art goes). Since this type of content does not have a universal album art image it will generally display a default image --…
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More Ad Space on Your Cirrus® Player

Top Menu Buttons = More Ad Space   Advertising drives radio, right? You can use the top menu buttons on your Cirrus® Player as additional ad space, giving you more ways to monetize your online stream. We're talking about the customizable menu buttons that you can add at the top of your player. You can…
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Monetize Your Unsold Inventory – Earn More Revenue!

Have Unsold Inventory? Let Us Fill It!   We have available on-air campaigns you can start running immediately. If you have unsold inventory, let us know right now! We are partnered with several networks to provide commercials that you can use to fill your available spots, allowing you to monetize all of your airtime. We have paid…
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Get Wild with Your Cirrus® Player Skins

Customize Your Cirrus® Player Skins Did you know you can upload your own custom skin/background for your Cirrus® Player? You can do it right in your Radio Control Panel, under the green "Desktop Player" tab. Create a custom player skin to highlight your station's logo, design, brand, match your station's website, etc. You can even offer…
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Feature Update – Multi-Station Ad Campaigns

Feature Update - Multi-Station Ad Campaigns   Need to apply one ad campaign to another one of your stations? Now you can. When you create an advertising campaign for one of your stations you can program it to also display on some or all of your other stations (as long as they all share the same…
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Pick a Color Scheme for Your Android App

On our version 6 Android app, you can choose between 7 flat-style color schemes: turquoise, gray, purple, blue, yellow, green, and salmon. You can choose the color that best matches your station right at the bottom of our app worksheet. If you haven't completed the worksheet to upgrade your Android app, you should do it now. If you…
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Cirrus® Features Updates – Playlist

Enhancement -- Custom Playlist Widget Width Our embeddable playlist widget now allows you to specify the width before generating the code. You can customize the size so that it fits nicely within your site, to any width you need. It still shows the last 20 songs played. This can be accessed via your Radio Control Panel, under the…
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Guess what… Our new Android app v6 is here! Upgrade now

We just released our new Android app (version 6). This app is a lot smoother and fluid, and has a brand new flat design style with sleek navigation. It has many of the same features and functionality as version 5... but we've just perfected them. Click here to upgrade your Android app right now! We will…
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Earn Revenue From Your Website Traffic!

Run ads from our Ad Delivery Network on your station's website!   In case you missed last week's email or forgot to contact us...   Earn even more additional revenue with our Ad Delivery Network by running banner ads on your station's website. Do you have additional space on your station's website that could be filled…
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Embed Your Cirrus® Player on Facebook

Do you want to embed your Cirrus® Player onto your station's Facebook page? Embed a 'listen live' button at the top of your station's Facebook page for easy access to your player. Your listeners can always go to your website to open your player, but give them another way to access it. Everyone is attached to…
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