Feature Update – Multi-Station Ad Campaigns

Feature Update - Multi-Station Ad Campaigns

Need to apply one ad campaign to another one of your stations? Now you can. When you create an advertising campaign for one of your stations you can program it to also display on some or all of your other stations (as long as they all share the same account/control panel). This can be done in your Radio Control Panel's advertising section, under the "impressions and targeting" area while setting up a campaign.
This is especially useful if you have one advertiser who wants to run across all of your stations. Instead of creating 4 separate campaigns, for example, you only need to create one then apply them to your other stations. This feature applies to any and all campaign types on desktop and mobile: audio pre-roll with companion banner, video pre-roll with companion banner, banner pre-roll, 300x250 banner spot, 728x90 banner spot, and mobile app banners and pre-rolls.
Campaign performance reporting can be viewed in the advertising section of the station where you created the campaign. Reporting can be filtered to all or by station... so you can still see the campaign performance per station.
If you have any questions about this new feature, please let us know!


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