RadioTime’s User Listening Sessions: Over 45 Million

RadioTime recently published their user listening session stats. Unsurprisingly, RadioTime keeps getting more and more users.
In March 2010 RadioTime had over 45 million user listening sessions. That’s a 40% increase from February 2010!
“For 100 years, radio has been an important source of news and entertainment because it offers unique live, local and free content that’s simple to access globally, a combination that streaming music services cannot deliver,” said Bill Moore, founder and CEO, RadioTime, Inc. “With our many partners, RadioTime is turning computers, home entertainment devices and smart phones into worldwide radio tuners, helping radio better compete with online music services for listeners and advertising revenue.”
Since RadioTime’s launch, they have been expanding their reach to other countries. Their site now supports 22 different languages.
“We’re particularly proud of the fact that we are the first to support the Windows Media streaming format for the Android operating system, which is the most common for terrestrial broadcasters,” added Moore. “The RadioTime Android app makes it easy for users to search for and tune to more than 30,000 stations airing around the world, offering the most selection of any Internet radio app for Android. The RadioTime apps are among the highest-rated radio applications with users in both the Android and Palm app stores.”


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