Cirrus Player… Are you on it?

Just a reminder to make sure you're upgraded to the Cirrus™ Player
If you still haven't upgraded to the Cirrus™ Player, you're missing out on great features and more ad revenue potential. The player is designed to keep your listeners on your player for longer and is optimized for better ad visibility. Its ability to be completely customizable allows you to use the player as your station's website, if you wish (with a menu and navigation buttons along the top). The buttons along the top allow you to link to an external site or create a page within the player, basically like a webpage, with a full editor.

The Cirrus™ Player has its own menu which is full of player apps that listeners can interact with, increasing the time spent on the player. Longer player time means more ad revenue, if you turn the inventory over to our Ad Delivery Network to run ads. Player apps can be turned on or off via your Radio Control Panel. This version is unlike any of our past players. It's built around the idea of customization and the integration of social media. We know the ability to customize is important, so this player gives you that freedom.
Upgrading is quick and free. All you need to do is submit a ticket and our techs will instantly upgrade your player for you. Just make sure to include your call letters in your ticket.
Once you've upgraded, make sure you join the Ad Delivery Network to display video and audio pre-rolls and banners on the player. You can turn this on via the Advertising tab in your Radio Control Panel. Once turned on, your listeners will start seeing big-name national and international advertisements geo-targeted to their location.
If you have any questions regarding the Cirrus™ Player or advertising, please let us know!


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