What’s Your Favorite Cirrus Player Feature?

Did you know... 
Our Cirrus™ Player comes fully-loaded with features that you can turn on or off anytime in your Radio Control Panel. Which feature is your favorite? Here are four of our widely used features. Are you using any of these?
Top Menu Buttons and Content
You can create up to 5 buttons that run along the top of your player that you can use to link to an external site or use as a page within your player. You can either upload your own image to use as the button or choose a background color and insert your own text. Then enter an external URL or use the editor to create a 'webpage' in your player. You can use these buttons to link to your free streaming apps, sister stations, or use them as content pages for contest info or anything you want your listeners to know about. The great thing about these is that they can be changed anytime!
Menu button opening as a content page.
You can customize these in your Radio Control Panel, under the green button "Desktop Player."
Custom Album Art Placeholder  
Upload your own custom album art placeholder whenever the player doesn't have album art to show. We automatically display a default placeholder, but you can upload your own for further player customization.
Custom album art when there is no album art to display.
You can upload a custom placeholder in your Radio Control Panel, under the yellow button "Song and Media Options."
Stream Backup
If your live feed is unable to stream (due to encoder or connectivity issues), automatically start streaming your on-demand playlist. You don't want dead air, so if you ever have streaming issues, listeners can still hear something. Just simply upload some on-demand files then turn on stream backup. Once the on-demand playlist completes, the player will automatically attempt to resume the live feed; if it's still unable to play it will start playing the on-demand playlist from the beginning.
You can turn stream backup on in your Radio Control Panel, under the green button "Desktop Player." On-demand files can be uploaded here too.
Menu Auto Open
Have your menu open automatically as soon as any pre-rolls are finished. Some listeners may not click on the button to open the menu, so do it for them. Let them know what player apps you have available for them. Each time the player is loaded it will always open the menu and stay open for 60 seconds or when the listener clicks to close it.
Menu opens as soon as pre-rolls are finished.
You can turn menu auto open on in your Radio Control Panel, under the green button "Desktop Player."

To see the full list of available features on ou
r Cirrus™ Player, click here.


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