Take Advantage of Your Cirrus™ Player’s Ad Space

With the end of the year just around the corner, advertisers are blasting the advertising world with end of the year and holiday specials. "The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming" is our 11-page guide that summarizes the growth of online ad spending and how you should be utilizing your Cirrus™ player's ad space to maximize revenue potential. It also lays out all of the ad properties available on your player, with screenshots and examples, which you can use to show sponsors and advertisers that may be interested in advertising on your player. 
If you aren't making good use of your player's ad space, you're leaving money on the table. Read through our guide and see all of the available possibilities.
Download "The Unharnessed Revenue in Online Streaming" by going to your Radio Control Panel under the "Tips & tutorials" section on the main page. There are also other helpful documents and tutorials available in your control panel that pertain to your player and your streaming. 
It might be a good idea to start thinking about how you want to fill your ad space for 2014. Our Ad Delivery Network allows you to earn additional revenue by turning over your inventory to us to display audio/video pre-rolls, audio/video in-stream ads, and banners. Once you give us your inventory, we automatically fill all spots with high-paying ads from national and international advertisers (depending on where your listeners are located). We split the revenue with you 50/50 and you get a check every month.
If you have a few advertisers lined up to run ads on your player, you can schedule when those ads will run and fill the rest of your inventory with ads from our Ad Delivery Network. This gives you the best of both worlds.

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