Send Your Songlist Around the World Effortlessly

Connect your now playing information to your Twitter account ASAP. Why? We just added two top trending hashtags at the end of each automated tweet - #nowplaying and #listenlive. Each time your player refreshes to a new song or segment, it provides a short link to your player (allowing anyone to pop the player open right from Twitter) and two new hashtags. Hashtags are the keywords of the Twitter world, so this means that your station and player get more exposure and your tweets end up on the hashtag feed pages instantaneously. Here is an example of how the tweets appear:

Your Twitter can become a playlist as well as social media tool to generate more listeners around the world. Extend your reach outside your listener market by simply connecting your song information with Twitter. By providing these top-trending hashtags, it also helps you gain more followers on Twitter, and more followers equal more exposure of your station.

It's super easy to enable, and is all done via your Radio Control Panel under "Song & Media Options." Once it's connected, you never have to mess with it again. Click here for an example of our Twitter page and how each hashtag is linked.

If you don't have DCS installed (this allows you to post what's playing on your player) you can open a support ticket here and request a DCS setup appointment with one of our support staff.


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