New Cirrus Player Features – Sub Account & Blackout/Whitelist

Create a Sub Account for Your Radio Control Panel

You can now create a sub account for the "Advertising & Payouts" and "Reports & Notifications" sections in your Radio Control Panel. This will only grant access to these two sections, giving a 3rd party webmaster, ad agency, or consultant, etc. the ability to manage and view your advertising and reports/notifications.

Auto-Start a Player App During a Blackout/Whitelist

We have added the ability for stations to automatically start a Cirrus Player app during a scheduled blackout/whitelist. When selecting either a blackout or whitelisting, you are now given the option of popping any particular app you choose, instead of regularly scheduled content (after any pre-rolls, of course). All ads continue to display as well. This can be accessed via the blue "Stream Restrictions" tab in your Radio Control Panel, under Blackouts or Whitelisting.


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