"Buy Now" Amazon Button on all DCS Players

Securenet Systems has just finished implementing a brand new feature for station managers which allow station managers to earn commission on music purchased from Amazon.com. There is now a “Buy Now” Amazon button on all players running DCS which automatically updates to the song currently playing. Clicking on the button takes the listener directly to the Amazon purchase page for that title of single or album. Using a cookie to track purchases, the affiliate receives anywhere from 4% - 15% depending on the product purchased.

The cookie tracks ANY purchase from that button . . . . NOT JUST THE TITLE OF THAT TRACK OR ALBUM, but any product on the entire Amazon property that the listener may decide to purchase. All that is needed is an Amazon Associates account.

Securenet Systems also added a new feature to the player for active DCS stations; when a new song artist and title is displayed, the album art is also displayed in place of the billboard for 15 seconds.

After 15 seconds, the billboard re-appears. After that, at any time during the song the listener mouses over anywhere in the controls field where the “Buy Now” button is, the album art appears. Mouse away, album art gone, billboard re-appears.

. . . . providing that the album art is available from Amazon. If no album art is available; e.g. obscure title, incorrect title, etc., nothing will display.

Listeners can also stream to their iPhones and Blackberry Storms via mobile streaming. This new feature lets radio station operators generate buttons/banners that can be placed on their website. When a listener clicks on the Mobile Streaming button, full navigation instructions are provided to them with the stream information for that station already embedded. Currently, this feature is only available to iPhones and other phones that use Windows Mobile, Iike the Blackberry Storm. However, new upgrades are coming out for other versions of Blackberry.


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