Where in the world are your listeners?


Here are some awesome ways you can monitor your listeners through our platform.

See a real-time, live interactive map view of current listeners. The map auto-updates every 20 seconds and shows every listener, along with detailed information about each listener, like IP address, listening duration, and listening method.


Quick charts for an at-a-glance view of current listeners. Want to see a breakdown of who's tuning in right now on your player and app? You can see a count of current listeners, peak listeners, desktop player vs mobile listening, and country/US market breakdown


Our comprehensive listener stats offer a more in-depth view of listenership. You can drill-down and filter metrics to get a well-rounded look of your listener landscape. You can even schedule to have reports automatically emailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly.


On the go listener monitoring is available on our Cirrus® Engager app. You can still monitor your listeners while away from the studio. Within the Engager app, the MyCirrusView tool can give you an idea of how many listeners are connected on your player and app.


The Studio Clock can be customized to show listener information. The Studio Clock is a perfect tool to customize and leave up on a screen in your studio. You can set it to show all kinds of listener metrics (along with stream monitoring info).


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