Elevate your in-studio experience with Cirrus® Studio Display

The Cirrus® Studio Display is your in-studio companion to keep eyes on all things related to your stream.

It's your all-in-one solution for stream monitoring, offering a comprehensive set of features to ensure that your stream is running smoothly and flawlessly.

With Cirrus® Studio Display, you can keep a close eye on your stream's performance, troubleshoot any issues in real-time, and deliver the best possible listening experience to your audience.



With 2 color scheme options, it's a customizable full screen display that allows you to set customizable timers in addition to viewing several stream data points such as encoder status, current listener count, DCS status, and more. Launch on a 50" or larger standalone monitor for best results!



Keep tabs on your stream's health and performance in real-time, with intuitive visualizations and comprehensive metrics displayed right in your studio.


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