Upload Podcasts to Your Cirrus® Player & Apps

If you have podcasts, you can upload them directly to your Cirrus® Player and mobile streaming apps via the on-demand section. Use your desktop player and mobile apps as an all-in-one platform by allowing your listeners to have the option to listen to your station's podcasts. As long as you have the podcast files readily available, it's easy to upload them. All audio files will be available on your mobile apps as well! Log into your Radio Control Panel, and go to the green DESKTOP PLAYER tab, then the on-demand streaming section.


Upload your podcasts here:

You can rearrange the order that they appear and play, as well as change the titles once you upload them.



Once you have uploaded all of the podcasts you want available on your desktop player and apps, your listeners are able to browse them all through the menus on your player and apps. Allowing listeners to hear podcasts, recorded celebrity interviews, and other recorded material increases the dwell time on your player and apps.The more you have available, the better!

Tips for promoting podcasts:


Dedicate a top menu button for a highlighted podcast. All you have to do is target a top menu button to open a player app > on-demand > the file of the podcast you want to start playing when the button is clicked. When listeners click on this, it will automatically pause the live stream and start the podcast you selected to play.

Dedicate a player just for podcasts. Personalize your podcast player with full advertising and custom branding/skin. You can target this player to automatically start the first podcast file OR display the files for the listener to select. You can customize this in the on-demand section.


Whether you choose to simply upload podcasts for on-demand playback, dedicate a top menu button, or dedicate a whole player, it's easy to upload all of your podcasts to have them available to your listeners at any time. If you would like to setup a second player for podcasts and on-demand files, please let us know.


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